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Cycle of Evolution "Five steps to navigate life transitions with mindfulness."

Cycle of Evolution
"Five steps to navigate life transitions with mindfulness."
by Christelle Chopard
Book Description:

This book provides tools for stress awareness and management. It reveals the way to navigate life transitions with clarity and compassion. The steps guide us from our starting point, who we are now, towards a new point of reference—one that is closer to our full potential. Through clearly defined steps, A Cycle of Evolution offers accessible techniques to clear emotional, mental, cell and muscle memories, along with limiting core beliefs. It will serve as a reference and guide that can be used regularly to clarify your mind, nurture healthy self-esteem, and move through progressive cycles along your journey. It is an holistic approach based on the Five Elements to navigate life transitions with mindfulness and compassion.

About Christelle Chopard:

Christelle Chopard is the founder of the DHARMI® Method, a guide for our daily lives based on positive intentions and wholesome values. Originally from Switzerland, Christelle is now based in Florida, where she set up the headquarters for the DHARMI Institute of holistic development and stress management. She is an author, visionary, holistic therapist, yoga and qigong instructor, handwriting expert, pioneer in the field of holistic therapies and coaching, and entrepreneur. Chopard supports men and women worldwide to clarify their path and access their true potential.

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