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Dating Him "How To Develop Charisma That Will Leave Him Asking For A Second Date"

Dating Him
"How To Develop Charisma That Will Leave Him Asking For A Second Date"
by Jillian Yuhas and Jan Yuhas
Book Description:

Dating Him is the book to buy when it comes to confidently attracting a man. Modern dating has changed over the years. Texts have replaced conversations, and apps let you swipe through men like a nail polish selection. And there’s always a new approach to finding men that pop-up on your digital screen day after day. The search for potential options has never been easier, but when it comes to finding the right man your kind-heartedness, confidence and presence holds more value than ever before. This book dives deep into the main components of charisma, and how to strategically implement them into your current dating life. After reading this book, you'll be able to attract the type of man you want who understands your needs when it comes to dating. Not only will you learn about charisma, but we will give you the inside scoop on what men want from a woman like you, so your connections last more than a night. By operating from a place of authenticity and integrity, he will be naturally drawn to your charismatic power. And you’re probably thinking, “Do I have to pretend I’m somebody else?” or “Do I have to spend a lot of money on clothes?” Guess, what you don’t have to do either of these things. We want you to be yourself wholeheartedly. We are just going to give you a few tips that you can use, so you can achieve a fulfilling and successful dating lifestyle. Together, we’ll create the best version of you. Click on this dating book now. And you’ll discover the answers to your questions plus you'll learn... *Three secrets that make you alluring and intriguing to a man. *The code to increase your natural attraction to keep him wanting more. *Learn how to get what you want in a relationship. *How to make an unforgettable statement with your presence. *Why confidence is your leading asset. *How to assertively communicate for a genuine connection. *Learn how these simple strategies that can take you from uncertainty to certainty with a man. *How to stop failing at dating offline and online.

About Jillian Yuhas and Jan Yuhas:

Identical twins, Jan and Jillian Yuhas pursued their academic goals by attending Adler University. Both ladies received a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in the dynamics of relationships. Growing up in a twinship, they constantly gave each other sage advice whether the other was ready to hear it or not. Their mirroring and reflecting was a never ending reminder towards their self-development and growth. As their secure bond provided unconditional support, it induced their discovering of healthy differences among their viewpoints. In addition to being twins, they came from a strong family background. They were taught how to be confident, independent, nurturing as well as accepting of others. Their family values provided them with the foundation to become reliable to those around them. Soon after, they realized many of their friends and acquaintances were coming to them for support during their struggles. They found that others sought their advice because they were non-judgmental, authentic and comfortable in their own skin. It wasn’t before long they realized those around them, lacked the ability to deepen their relationships, hindering their approach to date at ease. As Dating and Relationship Lifestyle Coaches, who want to see others happy and successful, this motivated them to become Certified Relationship Coaches and Body Language and Micro-Expressions Experts. Being able to help others for the past 10 years, Jan and Jillian assist them in developing their skills to be healthy, confident and charismatic. To learn more about their coaching, you can visit them at: They will be delighted to answer any questions you may have while reading this book or help you apply their techniques within your dating life through their one-on-one online coaching programs.

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