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Enjoy your life Now! "How to become Happy and Successful with Powerful Techniques from East and West."

Enjoy your life Now!
"How to become Happy and Successful with Powerful Techniques from East and West."
by Rudi Zimmerer
Book Description:

I have written this book because of the wrong concept of positive thinking. I have seen as a therapist the frustration from people, even taking suicide, who believed that positive thinking is enough to change their life. Human beings are driven from their feelings and subconsciousness. There is only a one-way road from feelings to thinking (science proofed), this means feelings can change the thinking, and thinking can’t change the feelings or subconsciousness. With thinking we can only give our life the focus! In this book you learn: How to change your life in every aspect with feelings and body-orientated therapy combined with meditation. How to get back the love or connection you may not have received as a child. How to feel great love in all your relationships. How to have more fulfilling relationships. How to deal with problems when you are working. How to live a fulfilled life even when many things are running against you. Learn that we manifest in our lives what is inside of us regardless if we are aware of it or not. What is true happiness and true love? You will learn the most effective EFT. You will learn why meditation and body exercise is so necessary for living a fulfilled life. Some reviews: A great guide for a happy life! Must read! You will discover a whole new you. Very Good.

About Rudi Zimmerer:

Rudi Zimmerer had a very abusive childhood, he got beaten up and abused nearly every day as a child, and was close to suicide so many times; had severe diseases,… And then a near death experience with 21 changed his life. He knew that he was wrong and want to live a happy and healthy life. Within 2.5 years, he gained the Kundalini, true happiness, his health back, and a personal relationship with God, even as an atheist; all through techniques that he teaches, many of which are included in his books. Rudi spent more than 12 years in meditation retreats; He got adored for his deep meditation from the president of the Hindus… became a therapist for Bio energetic, EFT, Meditation Master and Chi Gong master.

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