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Feel Like Yourself Again "How to Heal & Recover from Injury, Surgery & Illness"

Feel Like Yourself Again
"How to Heal & Recover from Injury, Surgery & Illness"
by Marci Javril, BCTMB, CMT, CST
Book Description:

Marci Javril, Vitality Expert, reveals practices and techniques based on over 30 years of teaching lymphatic massage and internal organ detox, post-op scar softening and colon cleansing to health professionals. Marci delivers a comprehensive alternative guide, includes: lifestyle diet & healthy eating, lymph node massage, anatomy charts for lymphatic & immune systems, post-surgery & chemo-therapy recovery, releasing adhesions & restrictions, team building & resources. This eBook offers lo-cost, lo-effort, lo-tech tips & tools, to flush out toxic wastes, and increase circulation and vital energy. Simple, scientifically proven methods guide the everyday person in self-care for optimal health & longevity.

About Marci Javril, BCTMB, CMT, CST:

Ms. Javril served on the faculty of 12 massage schools in California, Hawaii & Australia, developing Lymphatic Clearing Certificate programs in lymphatic drainage, liver, lung and colon detox, and post-surgical massage that hundreds of therapists have implemented, for themselves, and for their clients. After 22 years of teaching exclusively to health professionals, Marci now offers a hands-on self-care learning process easy to understand, simple to do, and gets great results. Her eBook is a compendium of her lifelong journey in the healing & performing arts. It is an encyclopedic resource where anyone can easily search, discover & refine their health maintenance program. Ms. Javril guides the everyday person with playful, practical and powerful interactive exercises for self-renewal. Learn life skills for longevity, including massage, yoga, movement, breath awareness, healthy eating, natural healing, and positivity. Marci began teaching creative movement at age 14, has worked with all ages and levels, and has collected a vast repertoire of modalities over 5 decades. She integrates the art of creativity with the science of practical proven methods, and offers talks, presentations, and experiences, using hot topics from alternative healing and anti-aging. She is passionate about Hooping as the most comprehensive, beneficial, and accessible exercise that anyone can do! Over 30 years of affiliations with alternative health pros and doctors have given her hours of case studies from which she has developed specific successful self-help programs. Ms. Javril teaches everyone how to soften new AND old scars, dissolve adhesions, flush out swelling, and accelerate recovery from injury and surgery. Marci is Certified in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year®, taught a 35-hr Course in Pregnancy for 6 years, and has been an integral part of 10 labors. She has 4 nieces, a Goddaughter, and loves dancing, children, animals, music, traveling and scuba-diving. Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Certified Massage Therapist in CA #30816 Certified Somatic Therapist with A.B.M.P. (Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals) Movement Therapist & Performing Artist - B.A. with Honors, Columbia College Certified in Hoopnotica® Dance Hoop Fitness Ordained Minister with the Church of the Messengers of Light (501c)

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