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Food Yoga "Nourishing Body, Mind, & Soul"

Food Yoga
"Nourishing Body, Mind, & Soul"
by Paul Rodney Turner
Book Description:

Author Paul Rodney Turner the "food yogi" takes you on a journey of rediscovering food and its importance in our spiritual evolution. FOOD YOGA not only offers practical guidance on how to live a healthy and happy life by reconnecting with nature, but also introduces the reader to the power of food as a uniter and a medium for expressing our love for the divine. Food yoga springs from the belief that the kind of food we eat affects our consciousness and subsequent behaviours. All the world’s great spiritual traditions have elaborate food offering rituals carefully designed to expand consciousness and all use food as a means to represent or please the Divine and to expand the consciousness of their followers. Food yoga is, in essence, a discipline that honors all spiritual paths by embracing their core teaching – that food in its most pure form is divine and therefore an excellent medium for spiritual purification.

About Paul Rodney Turner:

Also known as the "Food Yogi" was a celibate monk for 14 years from age 19-33. He lived simply, slept on the floor without a pillow, took cold showers, arose at 3.30am every morning, meditated for 2 hours and studied the ancient Vedas of India. He has traveled to 66 countries, appeared on radio, television and newsprint, and hosted presidents and leaders of the world. During Paul's travels, he visited three war zones-Chechnya, Sarajevo and Sukhumi. In 2005, Paul led an international team of volunteers to set up makeshift kitchens in villages across Sri Lanka in response to the Asian tsunami, where volunteers served freshly cooked vegetarian meals to tens of thousands. Paul is a vegan chef, public speaker, numerologist, billiards instructor, holistic life coach, spiritual guide and the international director of Food for Life Global, the world's largest food relief that serves up to 2 million plant-based meals daily.

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