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From Happy to Healthy "Try it, stick to it and get results"

From Happy to Healthy
"Try it, stick to it and get results"
by Désiree Damsté
Book Description:

Contrary to what many people believe happiness is not created after becoming healthy, but happiness is the prerequisite of health and abundance. Many people do not have the time or money to go to expensive courses and healings. This book offers easy methods that are suitable for everyone and will be a joy to do once you get started. It differs from other methods in that it offers explanations using modern and ancient knowledge. Modern sciences are starting to explain what was known in ancient traditions from experience. This book deals with four key areas (diet, exercise, meditation and emotional attitude), that are essential on your road to happiness. Together the knowledge offered here and the easy exercises will give you a sound basis for a happy and healthy life. The exercises in the second part of the book will, without spending a lot of money and without investing a lot of time, contribute to your well-being. By incorporating them into your life you will create your new lifestyle as a happy, compassionate person.

About Désiree Damsté:

Désiree Damsté studied psychology, Chinese Medicine and is a certified dietician and health coach. She worked as a therapist and taught at a small private university. She gave classes in meditation, qigong, yoga and Taiji. Using this knowledge and modern science she now works as a teacher, therapist and health coach with her new innovative method. She also gives workshops and lectures all over the world.

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