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Gluten-Free with Dr. Jeri "Delicious Meals and Decadent Desserts"

Gluten-Free with Dr. Jeri
"Delicious Meals and Decadent Desserts"
by Jeri Mills, MD
Book Description:

Has being on a gluten-free diet made you feel like you have to settle for mediocre imitations of your favorite foods? Be prepared for a wonderful surprise! With Dr. Jeri’s gluten-free cookbook you’ll never again have to settle for food that’s “almost as good as the real thing.” Now you can enjoy moist, flavorful cakes, fluffy biscuits and cookies that rival the ones Grandma used to bake. Try Dr. Jeri’s gluten-free recipes and soon you’ll be saying, “I can’t believe it’s gluten-free. It’s delicious!”

About Jeri Mills, MD:

Jeri Mills is an integrative medicine physician, veterinarian, intuitive healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, writer and storyteller. Since becoming aware of her innate ability to channel energy, she has studied many healing modalities including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, shamanic healing, dowsing, holographic trauma resolution, herbal medicine, homeopathy and hypnotherapy and has integrated them into all aspects of her medical practice and her life. She has written three books; "Tapestry of Healing," "Healing is Believing," and "Gluten-Free with Dr. Jeri." Her articles on women’s health and integrative medicine have appeared in newspapers and journals in the United States, Canada, France and the UK. She has lectured internationally about the integration of Western medicine and Energy medicine. The rich story-telling format of her presentations moves her audiences to laughter and tears as they are motivated to bring Eastern healing practices into their own lives. Upon learning that she had to go on a gluten-free diet, Dr. Mills knew that if she were to succeed, it would have to be an exercise in creativity, not a punishment. After years of kitchen experiments and sharing her results with friends and colleagues, her book "Gluten-Free with Dr. Jeri" was born.

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