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God in Two Minutes "From a World Divided by Religion to the Great Spiritual Revolution"

God in Two Minutes
"From a World Divided by Religion to the Great Spiritual Revolution"
by Prem Kamble
Book Description:

Is God a Myth? Like several myths of the pre-science and pre-mathematics era, is god a myth of the "pre-Mentomatics" age? As Mathematics explained the laws of the external physical world, will a new science called Mentomatics explain the laws of an internal world of our mind and brain? Like mathematics became the language of the physical science, will Mentomatics be the language of Spiritual science? After the industrial and information revolution, will Mentomatics usher in the spiritual revolution? Will we, the believers of god, then look as foolish as the people who believed that the earth was flat? And that you could fall off the edge of the earth into hell? God in Two Minutes by Prem Kamble dwells on several such questions. It looks at the past and possible future of God and Religion as has never been done before. It is based on completely original thoughts, not based on anything you have read or heard anywhere before. Though consistent with most religions, it challenges some of our basic beliefs. When our strong beliefs like the flat-earth theory have been proved wrong, it is possible that some of our deepest faiths today may prove to be myths.

About Prem Kamble:

Prem Kamble is an IT Professional with interests in IT Management, Change Management, Psychology of Change and People Issues in IT. He has written on Psychology and Subconscious Mind. He believes that IT is not all technology, it has a lot to do with people psychology and people behavior. He thus finds something common between his IT profession and the thoughts presented in "God in Two Minutes". According to him, both are a study into the Psychology of Change. The book "God in Two Minutes" cuts across religions and discusses how and why we have divided ourselves. It explores how we can "re-engineer" God and religion to usher in the Great Spiritual Revolution and a world devoid of Religious Divide. Visit facebook page at Prem's Author profile is available at You can know more about him at his website or and read his blog at

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