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Gutsy "The Food-Mood Method to Revitalize Your Health Beyond Conventional Medicine"

"The Food-Mood Method to Revitalize Your Health Beyond Conventional Medicine"
by Nan Foster
Book Description:

Are you suffering from odd symptoms of joint pain, muscle aches, acne, eczema, numbness, brain fog, digestive distress, thyroid disease? Have you been “diagnosed” with arthritis, lupus, IBS, or other autoimmune conditions? Do you struggle to feel more happiness, gratitude, and energy? Science has proven that food and mood are the keys to finding health and wellbeing. What you eat and how you think can help cause, prevent, and reverse disease. Our lifestyle choices impact our genetic destiny. In GUTSY, you’ll learn the science behind inflammation and autoimmune diseases to understand the root causes. With six simple steps GUTSY puts the power of food and mood in your hands so that you can live a healthy, symptom-free life filled with vitality. In this book, the author, now an integrative health coach, will show you easy steps to: • Find peace of mind, gratitude and joy with over a dozen mind-body-spirit exercises • Reverse symptoms and inflammation naturally through food and lifestyle shifts • Discover food sensitivities with a 21-day food elimination guide • Eat healthfully with 57 delicious recipes free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and yeast • Simplify shopping with easy, clear shopping guides • Improve nutrient absorption • Bolster immunity

About Nan Foster:

Nan Foster’s background in biology and psychology, her love of cooking, and her sudden diagnosis of lupus in her late 30’s provided the foundations for her discovery of a disease-reversing food-mood method and her subsequent career as a health coach. She takes clients on a journey of self-discovery, and lovingly fosters gradual changes to help them improve wellness, vitality, and joy. Nan works with people who are stressed, fatigued, inflamed, and motivated to embrace healthful habits. Clients describe her as “compassionate,” “insightful,” and “inspiring.” Nan helped launch the nation’s first 100 percent organic, non-GMO school lunch program. She has written for Self, Glamour, Avenue, GFF and Marin magazines, and on behalf of numerous companies in the biotechnology and life sciences industries. Her interest in mind-body health dates back to her days at Vassar College. For more information on Nan, visit

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