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Heal Thyself Naturally "Pocket Reference guide to Researched Herbal, Nutritional, and Food Alternatives"

Heal Thyself Naturally
"Pocket Reference guide to Researched Herbal, Nutritional, and Food Alternatives"
by Jacquie Nelson Walburn
Book Description:

Objective: Most drugs treat symptoms & are not cures. The purpose of writing this book is to provide an all-in-one quick pocket reference to all the tested, studied, clinically used alternatives to harmful/risky pharmaceuticals without all the fluff of the bigger books. Most people, including Doctor’s, do not have the time to read all the research. This book is for those who want an inexpensive listing of proven natural options to prescription/OTC drugs due to their side effects, toxicity, and/or interactions with other medications or supplements. I have included botanical, herbal, nutritional, & food therapies, treatments, & cures. This is your starting point to any of the 650+ synopsis listings for over 90 conditions to see what might suit your needs. Nothing works for everyone. I hope you find this informative and helpful. Best of health to you all.

About Jacquie Nelson Walburn:

I was born & raised in So. Cal. I became aware of alternatives when I was 11 years old. I was already an accomplished athlete. In about 1 year, I grew 6 inches causing my bone & muscle structures to go astray causing severe pain in my feet, knees, & back. The regular medical community abandoned me as incurable & surgery, pills, and pain were to be my life & an end to my athletics. My grandmother stepped in & started my path to recovery with alternative treatments. I responded very quickly to orthotics & chiropractic work. By the time I graduated from high school, I had a 12 yrs old world record, several national age-group titles, traveled around the world competing in track & field. When athletic scholarship offers started coming my way, I decided to major in Biology. I had a good run in track & field through college (1 national champ/4 x All –Am/10 top-10 rank & 2 Olympic trials). I did change my major several times from Biology to Kinesiology to Public Health increase the span of my knowledge until I decided I wanted a career as a Sports Medicine Dietician to bring my knowledge of nutrition together with my love for high-performance sports. I did my senior thesis on “Mineral Losses in Sweat & How They affect Body Balance”. Although I received my BS in Nutrition/Food Science from California State Polytechnic University @ Pomona, I was unable financially to pursue my career choice. I still remained hungry to furthering my knowledge, especially in natural cures, which were not part of that curriculum. I did not further that pursuit until several years ago when my father, who, in my youth, was a big, strong, athletic man, became ill & started taking huge numbers of prescription medications. I watched him deteriorate year after year as he was prescribed more and more medications that seemed to just accelerate the declination of his health. I tried to intervene but my father, being old school medicine where doctor’s know everything, he was not willing to step on his doctor’s toes as they must know more than me. I then, tried to talk to his doctor’s and they had no knowledge of any toxic affects of diet foods nor any of the alternatives I thought might help him. I explained to them that unless they discussed these options with him, he would not try them. I recommended to my father to seek a naturopathic doctor and he believed he was getting the best care available with conventional medicine. I accelerated my research in his final year continuing to try to help him. In doing so, I discovered there was so much information about so many different ailments that I started making a list from books, subscriptions, newsletters, peer-reviewed articles, e-zines, etc. This book is the result of all that accumulation. At first, I did not record where information came from but as time went on and I decided to share this information, I started adding the sources of the information. Hence, some listings do not have original source and others do to allow readers the opportunity to investigate and read the information for themselves. I have now explored radiation damage, gastrointestinal microbiome issues, and psychosomatic disorders in my quest for better health for myself. I am now healthier and happier with myself than I have been in 50 years.I have now lost 70 pounds from weight gain in menopause and lost all my pain. May we all strive to reach a higher sense of body and mind health.

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