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Healing Inside of Me "The Courage to Win Again "

Healing Inside of Me
"The Courage to Win Again "
by Titus S. McMillan, PhD
Book Description:

The Courage to Win Again is Within You! Are you living a life of unfilled dreams? The solution to experiencing an abundant life overflowing with success, health, happiness and wealth is closer than you think. In fact, the courage to win in every area of life resides within you. Would you like to… - Redream your dreams and turn them into reality? - Shift from the losing corner to the winner’s circle? - Break through cycles of defeat and achieve greatness? - Move from a state of making excuses to execution? - Identify your gifts and passion to unlock wealth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Healing Inside of Me is for you. Now is the time to discover your own inner oasis of personal healing to fulfill your purpose and live the life of your dreams!

About Titus S. McMillan, PhD :

Titus S. McMillan, PhD, has been trained and developed through the process of 40 years of solid research at the Gottman Institute, infused with not only a psychological premise, but also 23 years of theological study, and a vast catalog of musical influences. His debut book, is a powerful resource that is designed to reignite the passion within individuals who have given up on their dreams. He offers encouragement, insight and steps towards dreaming again. Readers are challenged to achieve success by pursuing their dreams with relentless drive. The booked is backed by practical principles that empower readers to move from the losing corner to the winners' circle. Like so many individuals, Titus fully understands the depths of pain and the frustration associated with failing to achieve his dreams. In his book, he shares how he came from a world of dysfunction and was considered the 'Black Sheep' of the family. Dropping out of high school seemed to cement everyone's expectation for him, but he rose from the ashes to earn several advanced degrees. He is a Therapist, Artist, Motivational Speaker, Transformational Leader and Restoration Coach who offers faith-based therapy to individuals, married couples, groups and schools. Healing Inside of Me: The Courage to Win Again will not only inspire readers, but challenge them to revisit the dreams that are dormant inside them and take the necessary steps to reactivate and accomplish them.

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