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Humanification "Go Digital, Stay Human"

"Go Digital, Stay Human"
by Christian Kromme
Book Description:

Imagine being able to spot the next big trend, or being able to predict the next big wave of change. Imagine having a code that gives you the power to invent, predict or harness the next big technology. Humanification is going to help you unlock the DNA of innovation itself, so you can apply it to your life, your business and your community. The story starts with a little girl, a terminal diagnosis and a ticking clock. Join the author as he searches for a cure. Along the way you will discover the seven powerful forces of innovation that are going to change everything in your world within your lifetime. Through a series of stories, research and personal insights, the author reveals how he came to see the world from a totally new perspective. This new vantage point allowed him to uncover a unique wave pattern. Incredibly that wave pattern turned out to be a blueprint for just about every disruptive technology breakthrough. Christian Kromme also made another remarkable breakthrough. He discovered that our manmade technology follows exactly the same evolutionary steps as life itself. By reading this book you will learn to see how the world works at a biological level, a technological level, and a humanity level. You will come to understand how each level is linked, and that knowledge will reveal remarkable new insights into the future. The author predicts a period of exponential growth and an avalanche of technological breakthroughs. Many of them are on the verge of creating major disruption to life as we know it and gives you a ring side seat to the preview. This book will change the way you look at technology and its effect on us all forever. Read more at:

About Christian Kromme:

Christian Kromme is an experienced entrepreneur and futurist speaker in the area of exponential technology, disruptive innovation and strategy/vision development. Christian shows organisations how to turn technological change into a competitive advantage. He believes that visionary ideas have a lasting impact on people when they are delivered in a simple and engaging way. That’s why he uses stories, engaging visuals and case studies to bring insights to life. For more information, visit:

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