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IMPACT! "Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence On Camera and Off"

"Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence On Camera and Off"
by Sandra Dee Robinson
Book Description:

"In every human heart is the pull to something bigger. There are those that are driven to overcome any oppression, including self-oppression, to be able to step out and lead others to positive change. It's my observation that every level of success has a level of comfort that where we can linger or we can make a choice to step out and answer an even bigger calling." So often in the hustle of our busy lives we lose touch with the gifts and strengths that are uniquely ours; we each have been designed to accomplish an impact in this world and when opportunity arises those strengths will be called upon. At times when your comfort zone is threatened, if you find unfailing confidence and power from owning and loving all you are, fears are alleviated and your goals are within reach! Sandra Dee Robinson draws on nearly 20 years in the television industry as an actor/spokesperson and reveals secrets from the Biz as well as techniques she developed to help overcome her extreme shyness and difficulty speaking in public. She uses these techniques with her private clients in her charisma coaching as Founder of Charisma On Camera, and Horsepowered Consulting. She explains, too, why traditional "performance coaching" usually falls short of developing unshakeable confidence. "Rather than teaching 'performance,' I like to say I help people to develop charisma from the inside... out. Getting in touch (or reacquainted) with their authentic voice. That is true Powerful Personal Presence. It's that rare state of presence that can create rapport, build trust quickly and lead... whether it's leading to a sale, or leading a movement!" Whether you are looking to become a Speaker, TV Guest Expert, Show Host, Leader in Sales or just want to network your business with outstanding effectiveness, this book will increase your self appreciation and empower your boldness to explore new opportunities to present yourself or your business.

About Sandra Dee Robinson:

Being extremely shy and growing up in a steel town in Western Pennsylvania, Sandra Dee was an unlikely candidate for a successful Hollywood acting career. She is still grateful for the turn of events that led her, at 17 to the Miss USA Pageant and simultaneously to her first major role TV as Amanda Cory on Another World. From there she starred on Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bay and guest starred on many prime time shows and films. She is the founder of Charisma on Camera Presentation Training, Charismatic Cowgirl Retreats, and author of, “IMPACT!” In recent years the media has labeled her, “The Charisma Coach” Sandra Dee Robinson is under demand as a consultant/speaker for companies, entrepreneurs, authors and celebrities around the world to help them get what they desire in life by naturally stepping into their most powerful self. She and her husband live in the Hill Country near Austin Texas on a farm with Horses, dogs, cats and an abundance of wildlife.

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