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It’s Not Your Fault You’ve Been Lied To "Timeless Principles of the World's Longest-Lived People"

It’s Not Your Fault You’ve Been Lied To
"Timeless Principles of the World's Longest-Lived People"
by Dr. Ryan Greschuk DC
Book Description:

Health has become so confusing hasn't It? Conflicting research, slick marketing. and lies about your health and your potential are being sold to you daily. Let's keep it simple! By connecting to the timeless principles that have kept people healthy for thousands of years, you'll finally find simple steps that will get you results so you can live the life you've always dreamed of. Imagine true freedom to do the things you thought you had given up forever! You'll learn the 5 main areas of your health that the world's longest living people have used to create vibrant, energetic lives free of illness and medication. It's not too late to live your BEST LIFE NOW! Filled with videos and resources, this is your SUPER simple guide to create your ideal lifestyle. The secret is out and it is yours to discover!

About Dr. Ryan Greschuk DC:

Dr. Ryan Greschuk is a wellness chiropractor and owner of Elevation Chiropractic. An adventurer at heart, Dr. Ryan's focus is on helping you create a lifestyle that will allow you to stay healthy, energetic, and doing the activities you love your whole life. By prioritizing the next right step for you and keeping health simple, you will gain greater confidence in knowing that your time, energy, and money are focused on activities that will give you the results you want! Through personalized attention, and clinic events like the Real Food Fiesta, Dr. Ryan makes it easy and sustainable for you to live your best life NOW!

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