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Living the Personal Myth "Making the Magic of Faerie Real in One's Own Life"

Living the Personal Myth
"Making the Magic of Faerie Real in One's Own Life"
by The Silver Elves
Book Description:

Living the Personal Myth was written by Zardoa Silverstar of the Silver Elves. It is a unique narrative about a psychological study of the magic of living one’s personal myth, in effect, making one’s dream and vision of one’s self come true by living it. It is a personal guide to becoming one’s true s’elf as one inwardly knows one’s s’elf to be. What makes this book particularly interesting is that the author considers himself to be an elf, yet he has an astute scientific mind that he uses to psychologically examine his identification with the otherkin world. He explores his personal myth and life as an elf and demonstrates how basing one’s myth on real events in one’s life empowers one’s myth and one’s magic. Whatever or whoever you are, this book is a potent guide to realizing one’s genuine, and potentially powerful, magical and fantastic, nature. The author uses dream work techniques, oracle readings, and active imagination to take us through a depth psychology exploration of his own experience in the individuation process of becoming a whole person whose unconscious and conscious elements are integrated and who is a unique individual. Much of the material in this book is based on a depth process study he conducted at Sonoma State University in the Depth Psychology Department in 2005. This work suggests “Personal Myth” to be an understanding of the self that incorporates the symbolic, imaginal and fantasy elements of the unconscious and accepts them as real within their own realms of being. It is the author’s belief that the Personal Myth is the unconscious’ understanding of the individual spirit’s Cosmic aspirations and potentialities. In that way, Personal Myth is seen as the personality of the unconscious and of the individual’s spirit.

About The Silver Elves:

The Silver Elves are a family of elves who have been living and sharing the Elven Way since 1975. They are the authors of 38 books on magic and enchantment, and the Elven Way, including: Through the Mists of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven; The Book of Elven Runes: A Passage Into Faerie; The Magical Elven Love Letters, volume 1, 2, and 3; An Elfin Book of Spirits: Evoking the Beneficent Powers of Faerie; Caressed by an Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar; Eldafaryn: True Tales of Magic from the Lives of the Silver Elves; Arvyndase (Silverspeech): A Short Course in the Magical Language of the Silver Elves; The Elven Book of Dreams: A Magical Oracle of Faerie; The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves, Volume 1 & 2; What An Elf Would Do: A Magical Guide to the Manners and Etiquette of the Faerie Folk; The Elven Tree of Life Eternal: A Magical Quest for One's True S'Elf; Magic Talks: On Being a Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Elf Queen's Daughters; Sorcerers' Dialogues: A Further Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters; Discourses on High Sorcery: More Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters; Ruminations on Necromancy: Continuing Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughter; The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones; and The Book of Elf Names: 5,600 Elven Names to use for Magic, Game Playing, Inspiration, Naming One's Self and One's Child, and as words in the Elven Language of the Silver Elves; Elven Silver: The Irreverent Faery Tales of Zardoa Silverstar; An Elven Book of Ryhmes: Book Two of the Magical Poems of Zardoa Silverstar, The Voice of Faerie: Making Any Tarot Deck Into an Elven Oracle, and Liber Aelph: Words of Wisdom from the Silver Elves to Our Magical Children.

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