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LOVE UP Your Life "10 Quick and Easy Steps Using Science of Attraction Principles"

LOVE UP Your Life
"10 Quick and Easy Steps Using Science of Attraction Principles"
by Amirah Hall
Book Description:

Sometimes we need a break - a break from all those feelings trying to push you forward so hard... that you start missing those terrific LOVE bubbles in your life. You stop realizing your true LOVE, your true PASSION, your true SELF. And that’s where you start feeling that black hole in your relationships. Wait! Take a deep breath! Stop for a moment and just realize how brave, powerful and amazing you really are. You always find a way to shine! You always find a way to love yourself... and now, let's take your lovely journey to a next level. Love Up Your Life – written with passion, love and care...

About Amirah Hall:

Amirah Hall, Msc, BA. is a success coach, author and certified Clairvoyant and Matrix Energetics practitioner who uses her skills acquired from her near-death experience to support individuals seeking greater fulfillment in their lives. An Amazon Best Selling Author and a Master Energy Healer, Amirah is a true professional when it comes to bringing transformations. She believes in seeing the bigger picture – finding the magical notes that tune-up your life. For over 20 years, her solutions have helped people see things in a different light and effectively solve all their problems. She has penned her thoughts in LOVE UP Your Life, WAKE UP Shift Happens, Manifesting Miracles 101 and Best Seller, Transforming Through 2012 And Beyond as well as hosted Lessons From The Light Radio Show. Some of her most recent work includes consulting with members of the Dubai Royal Family and the ‘Live With Your Light On Mentoring Program’. When she is not mentoring and teaching about manifesting miracles, she travels, dances, meditates and enjoys healthy living.

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