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Making Money Matter "Impact Investing to Change the World"

Making Money Matter
"Impact Investing to Change the World"
by Benjamin Bingham
Book Description:

People who care about the planet and humanity need a bridge from deeply felt values to a new money paradigm... This new approach covers all aspects of money from everyday transactions to high impact investment options that will support both reasonable returns and long-term societal and planetary health. It is my personal story, and the story of a growing consciousness of money as a tool to express our highest intentions.

About Benjamin Bingham:

Benjamin Bingham is the CEO and Founder of 3Sisters Sustainable Management focused on 100% impact portfolios across private and public asset classes. His writing and work with Impact Investing draws on broad experience as an artist, bio-dynamic farmer, teacher and co-founder of three social enterprises. Ben is a passionate innovator, with a mission to help move trillions to resilient, regenerative solutions that the world needs now. To this end he became an investment advisor to his network of socially-minded investors at Legg Mason back in 2001 and has been an independent off-the-wall street money manager since 2007. He designed and co-manages 4 private impact funds (Scarab Funds) including private debt, real assets and a new majority women-owned and managed tech impact fund in private equity. He also believes that the stock market could become a platform for impact investing and is on the Board of CSR-Hub, the largest aggregator of ESG data. Ben helps advisors, consultants and self-directed investors understand the consequences of traditional investing, inspire a transition to meaningful impact investments that can make as much money, or more, with as little risk, or less.

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