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Manifesting Miracles 101 "The Art of Being in The Flow"

Manifesting Miracles 101
"The Art of Being in The Flow"
by Amirah Hall
Book Description:

If you are finally ready to realize your dreams and desires, and want to put an end to worry and frustration, you are the one person who holds the key to that transformation. You are the one who can unlock the potential within and this book can help you. This is the guidebook for the journey to life success – a life filled with great joy, abundance, love, happiness, fun and peace. With it you can change your experiences to a live a life you love, being in the flow of creation and Manifesting Miracles. Learn and understand how to align with dynamic laws of the universe to attract abundance in every area of your life. Discover aspects to your true energetic nature with surprisingly simple practices. Explore your chakra system and learn how they influence you and your experience in the world. Unleash from within the crucial life force energy and move forward, embracing a miraculous life. ‘When the invaluable flow of life force energy of the chakras is blocked or stuck, life becomes stagnant and you feel mediocre, flat and empty. I want to help you change that.’- Amirah Hall

About Amirah Hall:

Spiritual life coach, quantum healing expert, speaker, best-selling author, master miracle activator... these are a few words that sum up Amirah Hall. Internationally renowned, accredited, fully licensed and bestselling author, Amirah Hall shows you how you can magnify your potential in your relationship, career, health and finance goals. If you want to have a loving, happy and healthy life, it’s possible to achieve the success that you deserve. After a Near-Death Experience, Amirah discovered her true healing abilities. She identifies and releases energetic blocks allowing success and abundance to override stress, struggle and dysfunction. She is an expert in dissolving energetic blocks, releasing clients from the same, old, never ending cycles of struggle and mediocrity and allowing them to manifest miracles while experiencing true transformation in their lives. Amirah Hall has also been a featured expert on Dubai One TV, NBC 7, San Diego Business Journal, Sharjah University, UAE and Ritz Carlton Wellness Week, UAE. Amirah Hall has also been a featured writer for various publications including Gulf News, The Light Connection and Vision Magazine. She helps renew your life while experiencing more love, healing, happiness and success. Amirah Hall teaches you the practical, effortless and proven ways to experience healing and success as you create the life that you want. Regardless of what you do as a living, Amirah Hall provides you with techniques that you can use to improve all areas of your life. She authored LOVE UP Your Life, WAKE UP Shift Happens and Best Seller, Transforming Through 2012 And Beyond and hosted Lessons From The Light Radio Show. Amirah Hall, MSC, BA. is a success coach, author, Matrix Energetics practitioner, Reiki Master and a masterful clairvoyant energy healer. In her profession, Amirah has touched the lives of many thousands of people worldwide including members of the Royal Family while living in Dubai for five years. When she is not mentoring and teaching about manifesting miracles, she travels, dances, meditates and enjoys healthy living. She will soothe your soul, mind and body into the perfect state of relaxation thereby uplifting your consciousness. She will indeed clear your negativity and fears while freeing you from impure and unhealthy energies.

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