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Meditating with Animals "How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us"

Meditating with Animals
"How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us"
by Pamela Robins
Book Description:

Meditating with Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us Meditating with Animals is a 162 page, 8 1/2 x 11 full color, photo rich, beautifully designed storybook filled with animal pictures and stories as well as fun meditations such as "The Awesome Meditation," "The Walk on the Wild Side Meditation" and the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink Meditation" that will allow you to effortlessly create deeper connections with your animal companions. Our animals show us unconditional love in its purest form. They are our most loyal companions, constantly navigating our energy to support our needs. This is something Pamela Robins experienced on a profound level when she was faced with a series of relentless major life challenges, including the death of her mother, her own cancer diagnosis, a divorce, and letting go of her life as she knew it in order to find herself. Her animals were instrumental in getting her through these challenges. Recognizing how hard they were working to comfort and heal her, Pamela worried their efforts could be depleting them of their own health and vitality. When she was strong again she wanted to return to them the extraordinary gift they had given her. And so it was that The Animal Method was born—a practice based on the idea of consciously recycling positive, healing energy between humans and animals. It involves learning from the powerful teacher and healer at your feet, taking cues from their natural state of being and applying that wisdom to your own way of being. In Meditating with Animals, Pamela shares the method gifted to her by her animals, teaching you how to deepen your connection with your animal companions through the power of loving mindfulness. You’ll read inspiring stories of Pamela’s own experiences with animals and learn about the countless health and life benefits that result from having a deeper, more compassionate relationship with animals. Each chapter offers a meditation exercise you can try that is specially designed to help you embrace each aspect: Awe, Notice, In the Moment, Meditate, Allow, Love, and Stay. By sharing Meditating with Animals and The Animal Method in this book Pamela hopes to help you begin to see more clearly the teacher, the healer the magical being who is right there at your feet and who is also within you! REVIEWS: "We can learn so much from animals when we take the time to be still with them and observe. The animals in my life have taught me about love, compassion and remembrance. Meditating with Animals is a beautiful exploration of how animals enrich our lives and how we can better return that gift to them. This is a very important book that will touch many lives." - Dr. Tererai Trent - Oprah Winfrey's "All-Time Favorite Guest" "This is a powerfully inspirational book that is filled with wisdom and love. As a neuroscientist I have researched the therapeutic relationship between horse and human, as well as witnessed the interaction between therapy dogs and children in my clinic. I have also experienced firsthand the heart-warming energetic exchange and healing love that animals provide in our world. This book artfully shows the power our animals offer to us. They unselfishly give of their power within to awaken our connection with them. Meditating with Animals will gladden your heart and provide insight for tapping into the healing love animals so generously offer to us. It is a MUST READ if you love animals!" — Jeffrey L. Fannin, PhD

About Pamela Robins:

Pamela Robins is a passionate and enthusiastic student of continuous learning and personal growth through traditional therapy, intuitive studies and guidance, healing work, and nature. She is an animal lover and advocate. Pamela has been driven to take on many roles throughout her life, including that of entrepreneur, inspirational guide, author, speaker, teacher, healer, energy and light worker. One of her entrepreneurial endeavors involved designing and creating specialty home decor items, which were sold worldwide and featured in The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the New York Times Style section, and various fashion magazines, in addition to being selected for the set of Friends and MTV's The Real World. Pamela also created and designed her own equestrian apparel line. Called Horseworship, it features fine art photography and her own original poetry and is sold to horse lovers around the world. Additionally, Pamela has spent over 15 years as a business owner in the nightclub, hotel and restaurant industry in both the U.S. and Playa del Carmen, Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish. Pamela is a competitive equestrian in the sport of three-day eventing; a yoga, meditation, Reiki, and singing bowl practitioner; and a fitness enthusiast. She enjoys inspiring others and living a healthy lifestyle in California with her two incredible cats, Sylvester and Kit-Ten, and her horse, Tuxedo. She recently completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification and Sound Healer Practitioner Certification to deepen her own practice in order to share this with others. In writing Meditating with Animals, Pamela has come home to fulfill her life and soul-purpose. After being faced with a relentless series of major life challenges, including the death of her mother, her own cancer diagnosis, vocal cord paralyzation, a divorce and letting go of her life as she knew it in order to find herself, she saw her animals were instrumental in getting her through it all. When she was strong again, she wanted to return to them the extraordinary gifts they had given her so that they would not be depleted of their own health and vitality. And so Meditating with Animals and The Animal Method were born. Pamela is available for Meditating with Animals book reading/signing and sound healing workshops, teaching and speaking engagements at a private ranch with her horse Tuxedo or at your yoga/meditation studios, schools, animal rescues, animal-related fundraisers, treatment centers, transformational festivals, corporate groups and individual sessions. Please email for rates and availability: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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