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Natural Fertility - Maximizing Fertility "Your Custom Blueprint for Natural Fertility Book 4"

Natural Fertility - Maximizing Fertility
"Your Custom Blueprint for Natural Fertility Book 4"
by Dr. Ann Lee ND L.Ac
Book Description:

Desperately wanting to be parents often tricks couples into spending more money than they can actually afford on procedures that do not always work, leading to increased debt and ultimately less money available to provide proper care for their future children. Why put you and your partner through that when conceiving naturally can be an option? All this stress can actually contribute to your struggles with infertility, making it more difficult to conceive by any method. Relax and enjoy this last informative volume in the four-part series Your Custom Blueprint For Natural Fertility™ to complete your mind-body connection and relieve stress in order to conquer infertility. Discover tricks that make fertility charting a breeze and maximizing fertility techniques as well as fertility superchargers that will help you make the most of your experience, including specific yoga techniques, meditation, and Feng Shui principles. Adding any or a mixture of these superchargers to your daily routine is incredibly beneficial for maximizing your fertility window, not to mention excellent for destressing, making this volume essential to complete your personalized blueprint for overcoming infertility. The four-part series Your Custom Blueprint For Natural Fertility™ encompasses everything necessary to conceive naturally. Each volume explores a separate element of the process—mindset, nutrition, hormone balance, and maximizing your fertility. When used in conjunction with one another, these four elements combine to create a powerful plan for overcoming infertility.

About Dr. Ann Lee ND L.Ac:

Dr. Ann Lee, ND, L.Ac. is a leading specialist in natural strategies for fertility. The founder and owner of Health for Life Clinic, Inc., Dr. Lee brings a new sense of hope and healing to her patients, especially those who have exhausted all other options. Highly trained and skilled in the areas of naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Lee uses her passion for education to empower her patients. She brings attention to how simple, positive lifestyle changes can increase their health and directly enhance fertility. Although her patients suffer from various conditions, from anxiety to chronic pain, Dr. Lee has a passion for treating fertility issues in women. As Lee says, “Many people go through the traditional route of specialist after specialist. It is a joy to help them understand their bodies better, to assist in the revelation that they can actually do something to increase their health and have a better life.” She takes special pleasure in discovering creative, innovative strategies that produce results for optimal health. Dr. Lee has made the dream of having a family a reality for many of her patients. She is now very focused on ensuring that those working on growing their families pass the healthy habits they learn down for generations to come.

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