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Personal Health Care Reform "The Revolution to Take Back Our Health"

Personal Health Care Reform
"The Revolution to Take Back Our Health"
by Clint Fuqua
Book Description:

This is the blue print for getting and staying healthy no matter the state of your health.

About Clint Fuqua:

Clint Fuqua grew up in Lubbock, Texas and as a child had a great interest in science and the arts. His original dream was to be an engineer and design space craft and airplanes. His passions then turned to designing cars, studying martial arts, and exercise. His eighth grade year Clint became the most injured athlete of the year leading to many hours, days, weeks, and months in the training room. Interestingly this bit of back luck was the start of a life dedicated to helping others become not only healthier, but the healthiest they could be. During his years in high school Clint was the head student trainer and became the go-to guy for everyone concerning health, exercise, and supplements due to his relentless pursuit of knowledge and sense of logic, and ability to explain what methods would work best for different people. During his first year in college Clint developed a new passion for personal training after questioning a future in physical therapy. The next 2 years he worked in several gyms learning about the fitness industry, educating new trainers about assessment and exercise basics, and learning about the real needs of people coming into the gyms. In 1997 he moved to Dallas and began working at a large private gym which would lead to 10 years of intensive study and mastery of biomechanics, nutritional theories, program design, and motivational strategies. During this time he had the honor of instructing trainers about biomechanics at The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research and mentoring new trainers at the private club. In 2007 Clint took the opportunity of a lifetime to help build and grow a nutritional supplement company that was struggling and in need of a new direction. Over the next 3 years Clint helped re-brand the company, formulate new products, and establish contracts with Professional Athletes, the US Military, and national retailers including The Vitamin Shoppe. Clint is now creating a new online health and fitness show, seminar series, and series of books to help everyone improve their health, increase their fitness level, and maintain their health at a level allowing them the freedom to live life on their terms.

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