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Questing France: Deepening The Search For My Holy Grail "Personal Growth Through Travel"

Questing France: Deepening The Search For My Holy Grail
"Personal Growth Through Travel"
by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.
Book Description:

How do you know if your spouse is cheating? Learn to recognize the signs of an affair. Understand why some people return to or stay in a marriage after an affair. Recognize ways to help children deal with parental conflict and infidelity. Share travel adventures in Canada, California, Bahamas and France. Discover why vacation time is the ideal time to work on a relationship. Excellent for learning about the impact of infidelity! Questing France is an elegant and thoughtful firsthand account of self discovery that takes the reader through the process of confronting infidelity, marital separation and reconciliation. The story builds up to a romantic and emotionally charged finale where Marilyn and her husband celebrate twenty-five years of marriage with a luxurious trip through France. It takes readers to the Normandy coast, through the Loire Valley, into the Pyrenees Mountains, exploring Roman ruins in Provence, to the French Riviera, into the French Alps and eventually to the romantic city of Paris. “Her book will shine like a torch for her readers, guiding them from the depths of her despair to the triumph of her will. It is a story of emotional destruction and slow, pains-taking spiritual rebuilding." Barbara Bamberger Scott writer, reviewer, traveler.

About Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.:

Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed., has been consultant on personal and professional relationships since 1981 in Halton County, Ontario, Canada. As a speaker and author Marilyn addresses relationships issues and personal growth.

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