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Real Pain Real Peace "A Journey from Pain to Peace"

Real Pain Real Peace
"A Journey from Pain to Peace"
by Jillian Lambert, MS
Book Description:

Real Pain, Real Peace is an inspirational true story of a fifty-year-old woman in Texas who experiences a life-changing breakdown on every level. Her journey ranges from creation of a dream to financial devastation; excellent health to physical illness; a life of passion to praying for death; a healthy mind to mental illness; and a beautiful, five-acre home to bottomed-out homelessness. Life goes from complete destruction to total reconstruction, wavering faith to renewed spirit. The physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual challenges transform in ways that will wrench your soul, yet warm your heart. The author tells her riveting story in an inspirational, spiritual way while sharing valuable life lessons. Learn from her transforming challenges and discover how to bring peace to your own body, mind, and spirit. Overall, Real Pain, Real Peace shows you how courage, determination, and faith can turn real pain into real peace.

About Jillian Lambert, MS:

Jillian Lambert, M.S., is the author of inspirational book "Real Pain Real Peace,"​ wellness book “Real Health Real Life,” stretch/meditation video “Real Serenity” Stretch, and designer/creator of "Nature Girl Designz." She has worked with top-rated spas as an AFAA certified fitness instructor, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, emotional well being, feng shui and wellness consultant. In addition to her M.S. in Holistic Nutrition, Jillian also holds two Living/Raw Foods certifications and a bachelor’s in Psychology. For the last 25 years, Jillian has implemented fitness, weight loss, nutrition and wellness programs. She is certified in various areas of fitness ranging from kickboxing and cycling to aqua and rebounding. Jillian even designed a mechanical bull-riding fitness class! She also has experience in bio-identical hormones, internal cleansing/detox, and years of personal growth trainings. Being a certified feng shui consultant, Jillian helps people detox their homes/offices to increase positive energy and create new opportunities in their lives. Due to her love of nature, Jillian created Real Life Wellness Ranch Nature Retreat. She also created Nature Girl Designz jewelry, Ocean Yoga, and Real Sereni-Sea to help restore Mother Ocean. A portion of all sales go to restore the ocean. A portion of Real Pain Real Peace book sales go to restore the ocean as well.

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