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Reiki for Self-Realization "Awakening the Power to Manifest"

Reiki for Self-Realization
"Awakening the Power to Manifest"
by Rose Petgrave
Book Description:

Reiki is Universal Life-force Energy. Energy is the driving force behind Matter. It is both negative and positive. Learning to regulate both forces within the human body is what brings about balance - thus fostering Self-Realization. This makes Reiki the perfect tool for achieving success in all your personal, spiritual and material endeavors. The author expounds on this by incorporating her knowledge of psychology, Einstein's Relativity formula as well as NASA, CERN and other leading researchers on the uses of Energy today. This in an effort to demystify the 'miracles' and doubts surrounding the discipline. This is a bio-energetic/metaphysical approach to healing designed to lay a foundation for understanding the power and potential toward Self-Realization through the observation of body/mind/spirit connectivity and healing in the human experience.

About Rose Petgrave:

Rose Petgrave was born in St. Ann's Bay Jamaica. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Traditional Herbalist/Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Aesthetician and Body Psychotherapist. She is the world renown, Psychic Tsahai, one of the most sought after online psychics and was rated in the top 5 webcam broadcasters in Lucy's Psychic Reviews for 2013 on Oranum. She founded her company Sankofa Inc. in 2003 in Ocho Rios Jamaica offering Alternative Health Care and Spiritual Counseling to locals and tourists. Since 2012 she has expanded her efforts to share her gifts internationally by partnering with a few companies like Kasamba, Trusted Tarot and Astrolis online as a Psychic Healer. Rose is also a certified Trainer/Change Agent and has developed an online course to compliment the book. As a continued dedication to helping others and improving as a Healer she was recently certified as a Life Coach and is a member of the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners.

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