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RepFluence Marketing "The Ultimate Small Business Owner’s Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your On"

RepFluence Marketing
"The Ultimate Small Business Owner’s Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your On"
by Wayne Sharer
Book Description:

Small and medium businesses can get a lot more from the web without expensive new websites, and overwhelming tech burdens. Every business has a distinction that’s created for them by consumers and clients without any work, and markets itself when the business owner or CEO controls it. The problem is, most businesses haven’t got control, and they haven’t got a strategy with the right process to make it happen. Online, a business’s reputation grows and speaks loudly because 86% to 92% of potential buyers look for it and then many write it for them. So, imagine for a minute what it would be like controlling it, and making it grow with 5 stars on demand. Businesses doing this dominate every time. This book is about business owners and CEOs winning with what’s already being made for them.

About Wayne Sharer:

Anyone who has spent any time in the navy or any military having to do combat knows from experience the true value of a well thought out strategy and having the ingrained mindset of winning. Wayne Sharer is a retired U.S. Navy commanding officer and veteran of over 200 combat missions flown from the deck of aircraft carriers. Wayne is now a strategic marketing consultant, speaker, and best-selling author. He’s successfully taken the strategic skills he learned directing complex battles from the air, and converted them to excellent business building practices. Wayne, over his long career, has helped tens of thousands succeed in every form of life and business imaginable by providing amazing insights, inspirational direction, and unwavering leadership leading to the best for his students, audiences and clients. Wayne Sharer is a leading authority on modern strategic marketing and digital marketing strategies. He has presented at major speaking events, and even lectured on business at a private university in China. He has advised top marketers in digital marketing strategies in information selling, and in real estate programs. He’s versatile in thought, and amazingly insightful and creative as a leader, coach and speaker and has a lifetime of success to back it up. If your event or seminar needs a high-power keynote speaker to light the crowd on fire and motivate your people or team into action, you have found the right place. Wayne’s keynote programs and training provide the most unique and tantalizing experience your audience will have. He brings passion with unbelievable straight forwardness that shocks your crowd for the entire event.

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