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Shortcuts Get You Lost! "A Leadership Fable On The Dangers Of The Blind Leading The Blind"

Shortcuts Get You Lost!
"A Leadership Fable On The Dangers Of The Blind Leading The Blind"
by Mark Villareal
Book Description:

This book will enable and empower your team to scale to new heights and achieve world-class success. Read it today and reference it for a lifetime. In this book you’ll discover how some managers are consistently more successful than others. What do they do differently? What is it about certain leaders that allow them to be successful no matter what circumstance or situation they find themselves in? Think about an athletic coach who can take over a struggling team and immediately impact success with the same players, the same managers, and the same coaches. The only change was at the top. What is that individual’s secret? Learn the keys in Shortcuts Get You Lost! Unlock the keys to success in any meaningful endeavor. Read this book to learn: * Key discussion points that motivate front-line team members * How to engage employees in productive, problem solving dialogue * The importance of illustrations and stories in shaping the culture of your business.

About Mark Villareal:

Mark Villareal is a Two Time International Best Selling Author, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Coach and Consultant. He speaks and is an expert on leadership, culture, business development and strategy. He coaches, and consults, mentors leaders, aspiring to be leaders, managers in development, management and business teams. Mark Villareal has over 35-years of experience in building teams and achieving C-Level status within the organizations he has been associated within the last 20-years. He also host and teaches webinars and seminars on organizational culture and leadership. Establishing the right culture and leadership is the foundation for long term success. Mark Villareal authored Shortcuts Get You Lost! A Leadership Fable On The Dangers Of The Blind Leading The Blind, an International Best Seller reaching #1 status in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and #12 in the U.K. His recent release, Leadership Lessons From Mom has achieved International Best Seller status reaching #1 in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Japan, Germany, and #3 in Italy. Mark Villareal has been a guest on The Viki Winterton Radio Show, The Dr. Jo Anne White Radio Show, The Energy Shift with Sonia Bueno de la Torre, The Dare To Dream Show with Debbi Dachinger, the Women’s Broadcast TV Network with Shea Vaughn, Dr. Joyce Knudsen 12 Minutes of Inspiration radio, and Talenttalk Radio to name a few. He has had multiple articles published in magazines and publications. Mark Villareal has a passion for developing people in a manner that helps them achieve their goals. Early in his career he realized that the more he focused on others' success, the more his career blossomed as well. It is with a servant's heart that Mark has helped employees and managers reach their next level of success. He has assisted in developing consultative sales executives, managers, and business leaders. Villareal has a passion for leadership development and has a hunger for continued growth and development. He believes strong leaders pay it forward.

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