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Slim and Spicy "Food, fin and mindset for the modern Asian lifestyle"

Slim and Spicy
"Food, fin and mindset for the modern Asian lifestyle"
by Manjit Ruprai
Book Description:

There is a revolution in South Asian Food and Manjit Kaur Ruprai is at the forefront of it. As the founder of the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme, she has a track record of getting those excess pounds off her fellow British Asians. She is fed up with unhealthy food and lazy ways and knows how to change things. In this book she shows you how to cook all those tasty curries in a healthy way. Manjit reveals how Indian food can actually help you to health with its powerful and naturally healing spices and herbs. She interviews other leading figures in the healthy Asian lifestyle to tell you even more. Plus you can get her expert advice on how you can work your way to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle, motivation and exercise.

About Manjit Ruprai :

I'm glad you are here and I hope you enjoy my book. I have had a really interesting journey to date. I had a long career in mental health services and education. After years in this profession I decided to follow my instincts to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Soon after setting up in business I realised that the area of weight loss was of particular interest as I gained weight many years ago and successfully managed to shed it, so I continued my master-class training in weight loss. I then went on to set up ‘Your Weight Loss Whippet’ so that I could help others to achieve their weight loss goals. I love working with people and I get a huge buzz from seeing my clients turn to slim, glam and healthy knowing that when they go out they can feel confident. I have a real understanding of the health problems that weight gain can cause. Having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in my family, I had to alter my eating habits accordingly. A self-confessed secret eater, I had to have a major reality check of my eating habits when I put weight on many years ago. I have a real understanding of having to balance my eating and at the same time enjoying my food with a little treat here and there. I believe passionately in practising what I preach to my clients and I have continued to maintain a healthy balance and consequently a stable weight. As well as working with a diverse clientele I am also an expert in weight loss for the Asian community, so I created the Asian Exclusive Weight Loss Programme as well as offering my 6 Week Straight Talking Motivational Weight Loss Programme. I have contributed a chapter to The Hypnotherapy Experts by Ann Jaloba and I have published my first book Slim and Spicy. One week after the publication of Slim and Spicy I appeared on BBC Radio Leicester to cook a healthy curry live which went down well with the broadcast team. I am also a Board Advisor and a Resident Expert Blogger for the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. Furthermore I was named in Hello Magazine Online as one of the top 10 weight loss hypnotherapists in the UK.

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