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The #1 Rule of Happiness "Appreciate the Little Things"

The #1 Rule of Happiness
"Appreciate the Little Things"
by Robyn McComb
Book Description:

They say to appreciate the little things in life. But why should the little things matter? Aren’t the big things more important? People spend their days worrying and thinking about the big things: acing that big test, getting that big salaried job, going on that big date. They fail to notice the sweet little things that make life so special. The bird that is warbling in the tree branch outside of your office window is a call to enjoy the prettiness of Nature rather than the stress of work, yet you probably do not take the time to notice it because you just have to get your proposal done for your demanding boss. The smell of baked bread can awaken pleasant memories of your childhood visiting Gramma, yet you are too busy thinking about what you will make for dinner to enjoy the nostalgic loveliness. Life is full of small, beautiful things but you fail to notice them because you are so focused on the future. As a result, you feel harried and depressed. The world seems dark. Where did all the beauty that you remember from your childhood go?

About Robyn McComb:

Robyn Margaret McComb is an author and nursing student living in southern New Mexico. She grew up in a homestead in western New Mexico and has lived briefly in all the continental regions of the United States. When she isn’t buried up to her neck in biology homework, she likes to write inspirational stories for the betterment of mankind. She loves hiking, playing with her terrier, and drinking mimosas in her free time.

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