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The Atheist Illusio "Dying is NOT an Option"

The Atheist Illusio
"Dying is NOT an Option"
by David F Jackson.
Book Description:

The book is largely about the meaning and purpose of our lives explored through a new science concerning the finer and lighter matter of the human aura. For someone who has the necessary knowledge and experience this provides the answers to all of the big questions that have perplexed philosophers throughout the ages.

About David F Jackson.:

I am 71 years of age and when I look back upon my life I can understand the probability that my life has had a plan. Until I understood the implications of my spiritual development I was never really interested in anything at all. I have never had a hobby, in fact my working life has been one of unsocial hours and interesting enough to not need a hobby as a diversion. As I reach the autumn of my years I have become eternally grateful to my wife for giving to me everything that is worthwhile, particularly my spiritual education which may come to be worth many, many lives.

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