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The Catalyst Of Power "The Assemblage Point Of Man"

The Catalyst Of Power
"The Assemblage Point Of Man"
by Jon Whale
Book Description:

The Assemblage Point Of Man - Discover how shock, stress, illness, disease, trauma, violence, rape, bullying, drugs, divorce, bereavement, toxins, pollution, legal intimidation, financial divestment, All these and many other life situations today can and do shift the Assemblage Point to detrimental locations and cause serious illness and life threatening disease. Learn the different Assemblage Point Locations associated with various physical and psychological diseases and how the endocrine system is affected. Understand how the Assemblage Point Location has a direct influence on the operational frequencies of the cells and organs of our physical body and how it affects our mental and emotional states of consciousness.

About Jon Whale:

Director of Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd. He is an autonomous research development scientist and electronic design engineer working almost exclusively on medical and psychological applications. Also a psychologist, life script analyst, graphologist, electronic design and development engineer, experienced in a diversity of esoteric and mystical disciplines and an international author, having written and published numerous articles, monographs and books.

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