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The Essential Diet "Eating For Mental Health"

The Essential Diet
"Eating For Mental Health"
by Dr. Chris Bjorndal
Book Description:

"The Essential Diet: Eating for Mental Health" is your guide to healthy and simple recipes that will change how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. The recipes on these pages are meant to support you in your mental health by ensuring you are eating the correct amount of the essential nutrients required for mental well-being. When you address mental health with the proper nutritional foundation, the likelihood of feeling depressed or anxious decreases. In addition, by following the recipes outlined in "The Essential Diet," you will have: More energy, Improved digestion, and Reduced risk factors for other chronic health conditions (e.g. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease). Learn to love healthy eating, find the joy in cooking and feel better in your life!

About Dr. Chris Bjorndal:

Dr. Bjorndal has in incredible story of struggling with depression, suicide attempts, severe anxiety, an eating disorder and bipolar disorder type 1. She regained her mental health using a combination of medical, natural and spiritual treatments that she now shares with her patients as a naturopathic doctor. She has developed an approach for healthy living that gets to the root cause of many mental health conditions and is changing the lives of patients across the continent. An author, speaker and gifted teacher, Dr. Bjorndal draws on her many personal and inspirational stories to motivate, inspire and uplift.

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