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The Great American Food Fight "Winning The Battle For Your Family's Health!"

The Great American Food Fight
"Winning The Battle For Your Family's Health!"
by Dr. Brent Baldasare
Book Description:

Over the last fifteen years as a health expert and a clinician it has become clear to me that our obesity and food related disease epidemic is not just about people being lazy and having little discipline. In recent years more and more of my patients are having difficulty losing weight. The patients who did drop belly fat often would return within a year with the same issues and sometimes have even gained more than where they started. This project began as a simple research project to find out what is causing my patient’s waistlines to balloon and rare diseases in children to become common. It turned into a major exploration into our modern food system and what it’s doing to our health, our economics, and our families. Please allow me to share the results with you. It’s truly astonishing what has happened!

About Dr. Brent Baldasare:

Dr. Brent Baldasare is the author of The Great American Food Fight and several other health related books. For more than 20 years Brent Baldasare's passion has been helping people overcome health challenges and take their lives to a new level. He was born in Union, New Jersey in 1971 and earned his doctorate from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997. His education includes graduating top of his class from the prestigious Ursinus College in 1993, majoring in human performance and completing advanced nutritional studies at Cornell University. In 2000 he co-founded Affinity Health & Wellness Center in Orlando, Florida. Brent Baldasare has helped more than 25 thousand people transform their lives and improve their health through his books, seminars and events. His miraculous story of being paralyzed during his senior year, in his last college football game, inspired him to share the lessons he learned during his recovery. His research examines what is the underlying cause of our current healthcare crisis and what people can do to immediately to improve their health.

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