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The Shades of Creativity "For Interviewing and Creatively Treating Psychiatric Patients"

The Shades of Creativity
"For Interviewing and Creatively Treating Psychiatric Patients"
by Audrey Pullman, MD
Book Description:

This is a guide for medical students, psychiatry residents, physicians and other health professional on how to treat noncompliant patients or clients creatively with imagination, visualization, meditation, psychodrama and hypnosis. As a former actress, model and dancer I've studied at these principles at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. therapy for treating patients. Treating mental illness is very difficult and we as mental health providers went into a rewarding but challenging field. This book is written in a funny, simple, and illustrative fashion; the goal is not to offend anyone but to deliver an important message, to be flexible and creative.

About Audrey Pullman, MD:

Dr. Audrey Pullman is a Performance Enhancement Specialist with a background in Emergency Psychiatric Medicine, Disaster Integrated Emergency Management and Community Addiction. Dr. Pullman is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and integrates her knowledge of grief work, stress management and holistic work with complementary and traditional medicine. She has received several academic awards for the use of alternative medicine strategies in the management of chronic pain and stress-related problems. She has treated military veterans who suffered with Post-traumatic stress disorder and childhood and adolescence depression with art therapy and other integrative medicine modalities.

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