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The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes "An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being"

The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes
"An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being"
by Dr. Beth Kurland
Book Description:

What if 10 minutes a day mattered for your overall health, well-being, and ability to experience greater ease and joy through your life? Would you make this time for yourself? In this practical, hands-on book, clinical psychologist Beth Kurland shares her knowledge and expertise gained from over 20 years of experience, and shows you how 10 minutes a day can transform your life. Integrating key findings from multiple fields of psychology and neuroscience, Dr. Kurland uses concise explanations and clear examples to guide you through daily practices that teach you how to implement the many tools she offers. This book, with its accompanying worksheets and audios, is not just meant to be read, it is meant to be put to use in your life to bring about lasting change. Designed for the lay person who may not have the time to read many of the other longer and more in-depth self-help books on the market, or who may be looking for a concrete way to implement the ideas from other self-help books, this book is designed to have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time by offering daily mind-body exercises, based on the latest psychological research and neuroscience, to help readers rewire their minds toward greater well-being. The practical exercises are designed to be helpful in the work place, at home, in relationships, and in one's personal life. Each week's chapter begins with a goal and intention highlighting the stress management skill that is being taught, followed by insights as to why this goal is important or relevant. Following this are seven daily mind-body exercises using multiple modalities, designed to get new neural pathways to fire, to help wire-in that particular skill. After each exercise is a specific example, showing how that exercise can be applied and how it is relevant in one's life. There is an accompanying worksheet for each day's practice, (also available online) making it easy for readers to track what they have noticed each day and to help them become more accountable for following through with each exercise. At the end of each chapter there is a meditation/visualization exercise to help integrate the material from that chapter. A writing exercise encompassing a short affirmation that readers can reflect on daily, and a summary of key take-away points concludes each chapter. This book helps people make significant positive changes in their lives, one day at a time, through short, daily exercises utilizing principles from Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

About Dr. Beth Kurland:

Beth Kurland, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and author of the book “The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes: An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being.” She is also the author of three upcoming children’s books and accompanying games for each, designed to help children learn practical tools to manage difficult emotions, face challenges, and cultivate positivity (to be published by Childswork Childsplay). In addition, she writes poetry to inspire mindfulness. Beth has been in clinical practice since 1994 and provides evidence-based treatment to people across the lifespan, with a focus on using mindfulness and mind-body strategies for whole person health and wellness. To enjoy free meditation videos and audios, visit

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