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Ting! " The Surprising Power of Intuition To Transform Work & Innovate"

" The Surprising Power of Intuition To Transform Work & Innovate"
by Arupa Tesolin
Book Description:

Have you ever wanted more meaning and authenticity in your work? Ever felt lost in your career or organization & questioned your journey? Wonder how you can possibly keep your promises to yourself while mastering change & personal power at work?Want to transform your organization or bring more insight to innovation processes & results? Ting! is a story for people who question things, who want to connect better with their intuition and authenticity, and for anyone who wonders about getting deep inside the rabbit hole of spending the best years of your life at work. Ting is a made up word to describe the sound intuition makes when it strikes and open mind and heart. ABOUT THE STORY OF TING: Tony is a high performing business development manager who suddenly isn’t getting the results he’s used to. It’s still early in his career. A changing marketplace and new CRM aren’t helping. Tony laughs when his mentor suggests he start learning more about intuition. What he does next surprises everyone, but mostly himself. Through Tony’s journey author Arupa Tesolin takes us far into the cognitive labyrinth to unravel deep curiosities of our nature that intersect with the world of work. Ting! gets to the core of the most exciting transformation in both the industrial and digital age - the transformation of our humanity, and how intuition and deep cognition unveil the fuller scope of our mind heart intelligence & our abilities to create for and with each other. Ting is also a training course because each Chapter will give you specific insights about cultivating your own Ting! Power. And at the end of the book, there is a Summary of all twelve Ting! Powers. If you like short novels with deep truths that inspire you to take action and learn more about yourself, you'll love this brand new completely rewritten edition of Ting! PS. This book contains an important secret. Find out what it is by signing up for the Special Bonus Gift from the author inside the book. REFERENCE REVIEWS: "A smart little book. Ting! shows how important intuition is as a right-brained skill" Daniel Pink, Author "Great thinking comes in small packages… Ting! is a prime example of taking intangible concepts like innovation & creativity and composing a nice little story about how they can be of value” Skip Corsini, Training Magazine "Author Arupa Tesolin is a master storyteller who weaves metaphor with narrative to create a compelling book. Bravo!" Dr. Laurie Nadel, repeat Oprah guest & Author of The Sixth Sense Bring Ting! training to your group or corporate team at

About Arupa Tesolin:

Arupa Tesolin, the author, is the founder of Intuita & creator of Intuition MindWare. She is a speaker, innovation trainer & business advisor helping people and intelligent organizations grow their capabilities and transform from within. Arupa is a creative visionary and respected training industry expert with a professional background leading organizational change and innovation. She is the author of over 150+ articles in leading training, management & HR magazines, the founder of Intuita ( & CEO of Velocified (

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