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Unraveling Reading "The Basics of Learning to Read"

Unraveling Reading
"The Basics of Learning to Read"
by Daniela Silva
Book Description:

Unraveling Reading is a response to the needs and difficulties faced by parents, students and teachers with respect to literacy and education. It presents strategies and alternatives for developing reading and writing in children, youth and adults in a practical and dynamic way. Through diverse educational lessons, activities address three different learning styles, with consideration for how the brain learns and processes information visually, auditorily and kinesthetically. Unraveling Reading also includes examples of activities to improve reading and writing skills through movement, using the Brain Gym technique.

About Daniela Silva:

Daniela Silva is a Brazilian educator and independent writer. She holds a BA in Pedagogy from Santa Cecilia University, Brazil, with concentrations in School Management and Business Education; an MBA in Personnel Management from Monte Serrat University Center, Brazil; and a postgraduate certificate in Neuroeducation from Estácio de Sá University, Brazil. Working with social projects in the area of e-learning and people development since 2009, Ms. Silva is a regular contributor to several educational websites, writing about teaching practices in the classroom; emotions and learning; evaluation and school planning; learning disorders; homeschooling, brain child development, parenting, Montessori education, andragogy and people training. Additionally, she develops courses and training manuals for teachers and students, and contributes as a mentor in an online platform, answering questions about career plans, college decision, personal development and professional skills. Working in collaboration with The New Heights Educational Group, Inc., she has just published Unraveling Reading, a book on literacy education and learning disabilities in reading and writing. Email for contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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