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Walking in Wholeness "Women Reclaiming Authentic Passion, Purpose, and Power"

Walking in Wholeness
"Women Reclaiming Authentic Passion, Purpose, and Power"
by Kimberlie Chenoweth
Book Description:

Does the life you’re living match up with the life you’ve imagined for yourself? Are you disappointed or frustrated, knowing you have a bigger calling in life? This book is a call to reclaim your life. Wouldn’t you love to recapture the spirit of your authentic passion and purpose, and to be so present and alive that anything seems possible—without adding more demands to your day? In these pages you’ll discover an experience of original, indigenous wholeness that can do just that. It’s here for you—a woman of purpose whose gifts are vital, not only for you and your loved ones but for the world. You are here to make a difference, and you don’t have to turn your life upside down to make it so.

About Kimberlie Chenoweth:

Kimberlie Chenoweth is the founder of Women Walking in Wholeness, a transformational mentoring program for women who long to bring their lives into alignment with their hopes and dreams – for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. These sensitive, insightful women often identify as healers, teachers, artists, and leaders who long for fulfillment and meaning at home, work, and play. Kimberlie is an initiated wisdom keeper. She grew up exploring a world of metaphysics and mysticism, and has studied traditions of the East, West and native Americas. She has sat in silence, traveled widely, and committed to a process of deep healing and transformation over many years. The author of the Amazon bestselling books, Reclaiming Wholeness and Walking in Wholeness, Kimberlie has a Master’s degree in Counseling, and is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and endorsed member of the Core Transformation Trainers Association. She had 22 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and personal development trainer before launching The Wholeness Project™ in 2012. Kimberlie is a natural at getting to the core of things— your uniqueness, your potential, and the stuff that gets in the way of you being all that you can be. She lives in rural Western Colorado with her husband, two dogs, beautiful sunsets, and tantalizing hiking trails. She rarely leaves the house without her camera.

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