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Winning At Work:  Career Success Secrets For Women In The Workplace

Winning At Work:  Career Success Secrets For Women In The Workplace
by Amber Kamps
Book Description:

What does it take to succeed as a woman in the workplace? Do you feel you are not taken seriously or talked down to at work because you are female? Have you ever been told you are too aggressive or bossy while in a leadership role? Do you feel you are not given the same opportunities as male counterparts? Do you feel oppressed by a manager? Have you had to choose between family and work? If you have had experienced any of these, this book is a must read! Here you will find the strategies, solutions, and secrets for overcoming common and very real gender inequality issues most women face on a daily basis. Discover how to be taken seriously and what to do when you’re not, why emotionality is essential to your success & how to make it work for you, why being bullied or sexually harassed is a big deal and ways to deal with it, the secrets to work-life balance, what to do when you are not getting the same opportunities 
as male counterparts & how to create your own, feel more confident in your abilities & capacities to achieve career goals, and much more! 
 From office politics to business communication skills to leadership strategies Woman to Woman: Winning at Work shows you how to stop wasting valuable time and energy, deal with limiting behaviors and situations, and tap into your own strengths and abilities so you can reach your fullest potential.

About Amber Kamps:

Amber Kamps created and operates a workplace success company called Woman To Woman Solutions ( where she designs & teaches programs for high-performing mid-career women to become game changers & take on the unwritten rules of a male-dominated workplace so they can gain respect & credibility, land the highest level job they desire, and get paid what they’re worth. Amber works with women all across the U.S. who have succeeded at leveling their playing field, breaking the glass ceiling, and getting what they want in their careers.

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