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Adele Williams

Adele Williams

Adele Williams is a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer whose calling is to raise vibration rates and release fears concerning the spirit world. Adele holds a BA and MSE degree in English and Adult Education,is a certified Quantum Touch Therapist who has 38 years of experience. She is an author, educator, healer, pet psychic, psychic investigator, medical intuitive, Angel and Alien communicator, and past life regressionist who has appeared on Canadian and U.S. radio programs.

After a move to Sun Valley, Idaho in 1980, clear visions and premonitions became a part of daily life. One vision enabled her to give detailed descriptions of murderers who had killed a friend's uncle. Another involved finding a client's son who was schizophrenic and had been lost for some time. Her Guides relayed the exact location, along with other detailed health and personal information. She has worked throughout the U.S. and Canada and currently lives in Dardanelle Arkansas and facilitates Individual and Group Readings, teaches Chakra Healing Classes and uses her gifts as a Medical Intuitive for healing.. Artistic expressions include: designing gemstone jewelry, transformative acrylic paintings, writing songs, playing guitar, and singing.

Adele’s first book “Psychic Sunrise” is an autobiography describing her journey through life with heightened spiritual gifts, including heart-warming animal stories. She received a third place award by The Arkansas Writers Conference for "Sonya's Serenade", a short story entered in the Human Society Pulaski County category about her cat Sonya who clearly communicated her dying experience with Adele.
Her paintings, jewelry, and books are currently featured at “A Conversation Piece”, a unique gallery at 312 W. 2nd St. in Russellville, AR. Visit her website at or contact her on Facebook.

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Books Adele has Published

Psychic Sunrise

Life of Adele Williams, Psychic Medium

“Psychic Sunrise” is a fascinating memoir for anyone who wants to be entertained or chooses to enhance their knowledge concerning clairvoyance and paranormal activities. Adele Williams’ life adventures as a Psychic Medium, and medical intuitive are told with a playful yet serious delivery, giving insight into health challenges, relationships, soul purpose and spirit contact. Mesmerizing real stories of healings, premonitions, reincarnation, spirit guides, materializations, poltergeist activity,