Mrs. Amanda Gatlin

Amanda Gatlin

Amanda Gatlin is a gifted intuitive and medium who has been very open about seeing the “other side” since the age of five. After many life altering experiences, Amanda decided to set about on a journey of self-realization and found that the more she connected to her spirit, the more healthy her mind, body and spirit felt. She now assists people with reconnecting to their own spirit by working one-on-one with them. Her passion is helping others discover their energy and connect to what she calls their “Inner Genie,” that wise energetic part of them that knows exactly what they want and need. A mystic by nature, Amanda has found that most of life’s answers, happiness and truths come from a place of intellectual surrender. Her motto is, “It is in our quietest moments, that our hearts can speak the loudest!” An oracle by heart, Amanda’s gift lies in her ability to access deceased loved ones so that they may communicate messages of love, reassurance and wisdom.

Amanda is the founder of Discover Your Energy, which is dedicated to providing practical information and guidance to help people live a happier, connected more fulfilling life. Articles are dedicated to meditation, spirituality, self-improvement, positive thinking, intuition, inner peace, and connecting to spirit. The mission of the site is to help people reconnect with their spirit so that they can learn to hear their inner voice and find more joy!

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