Amy Lucas RD, LD

Registered Dietitian
Amy Lucas

Credentials: License

Institution: Commission of Dietetic Registration (CDR)

Certification: Registered Dietitian

Certification Year: 2010

Institution: VCUHS

Graduated: 2009

In practice since: 2010

Amy is an insured, licensed, registered dietitian and chef with a lifelong passion for food. She went straight from high school into culinary school and began working as a cook in a hospital. In less than a year, she took a supervisory role and learned all aspects within the corporate kitchen and began the next steps in her education to become a registered dietitian. Her first role outside of school was working as a food service director in a hospital, which means she oversaw the kitchen, dietitian, retail service and staffing needs of the dietary department. Several years ago she transitioned into a role in corporate wellness and provides her services exclusively for one well known client. In order expand her horizons, she has elected to begin to working with individuals who are interested in making positive changes in their diet and lifestyle to achieve their own personal success.

If you are looking for someone to show you the proper cooking techniques or recipe/ingredient modification to meet dietary needs, she is the right person. When others say there's nothing to eat in the kitchen, she can always find a creative and appetizing way to use up what is simply laying around. Her willingness to try new techniques and or ways to pair foods keeps her hands on in the kitchen.

She has expanded her professional knowledge by obtaining a certification in adult weight management. Her view on weight loss is simple, do not omit foods, but focus on making better choices and using the theory of everything in moderation.

Areas of Specialty

Behavioral Issues

Chronic Impulsivity


Coping Skills

Eating Disorders

Impulse Control Disorders


Success Coaching

Weight Loss


Treatment Methods


Energy Work

Life Coaching


Therapeutic Intervention