Andrea Nardozza LMC

Andrea Nardozza

I am a Life Mastery Consultant and Changeworker. I have extensive experience and certifications in life mastery consulting as well as being a high level Reiki Practitioner. I help people bridge the gap of transition and I specialize in helping people navigate the difficult terrain of loss, addiction and relationships. Through several different modalities, I can teach my clients to relax and center in order to create a state ready to make the changes necessary to create a life you love living. My passion is to see someone bridge the gap between a life that is slowly killing their soul, to a life you absolutely love living.
Reiki, Tapping (EFT), and several other stress reducing techniques prepare a person to then embody the new thought patterns that create a life they love living. Reiki and other modalities can also be completely separate as stand alone modalities from consulting services.

Inspired Life Mastery, LLC
United States
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