Mr. Andrew Bridgewater MBA, MSc, Chartered Psychologist

Andrew Bridgewater

Credentials: Certification

Institution: British Psychological Society

Certification: Chartered Psychologist

Certification Year: 2005

Institution: University of Bristol

Graduated: 1999

In practice since: 1995

I'm a UK Chartered Psychologist who specialises in helping business owners and leaders uncover their natural resilience and wellbeing, so that they can become healthily successful and powerful role models for others.
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Areas of Specialty



Weight Loss

Books Andrew has Published

Fit For Business

How to deal with stress & create a healthy work life balance

Andrew Bridgewater wrote ‘Fit for Business’ to help others combat the challenges he faced when he ended up in a psychiatric hospital in 2006. Suffering from severe depression and contemplating suicide, he could find little practical help or support to deal with the problems he was facing. This book is a powerful and moving story of Andrew’s recovery, and a formula for dealing with stress and depression. It sets out a simple 12-week programme of small changes that together help create a healthy