Ms. Anna Vakil PhD CCH

Anna Vakil

I am a professional homeopath and owner of Wellness Care Online, providing health and wellness care, specializing in endocrine balance and health.
I believe health is primarily about two things: freedom and empowerment. Freedom from limitations like menopausal symptoms, adolescent behavioral problems, weight issues, menstrual, uterine and ovarian problems, anxiety, depression and insomnia, thyroid and glandular issues, as well as freedom from expensive and lifelong medications. I also believe that becoming healthy can be an empowering experience. People have the capacity to take charge of their own health, so I work with my clients to set health goals and then I become their ally until those goals have been achieved.

I provide fully online wellness care with predictable costs at convenient hours including weekday evenings (Eastern time). I draw on my post-graduate academic training to research your conditions and I make myself accessible in order to address your questions and concerns. I utilize a range of natural homeopathic therapeutics, as well as food sensitivity testing and a personalized weight management program that uses food as medicine.