Rev. Baraka Elihu PhD, LPC, NBBCH

Baraka Elihu

I am a teacher, psychotherapist, and priestess devoted to the expansion of women’s circles. I hold sacred space for women creatives and their natural capacity to cross-pollinate the inner & outer worlds. I love symbolic language, archetype & story, and I have been a student of soul travel & dreamwork since childhood. My role in our work together is to lovingly witness your multidimensional nature and to call forth your innate wisdom & specific medicine. The Sacred Feminine guides every aspect of my life & work.


:: want to refine the way their astral, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies function, befriending all aspects of the self
:: long to claim their power and be the cause of their lives, not a reaction
:: are ready for radical healing, transformation & transcendence


My therapeutic practices are driven by my precise use of the vehicle & mechanism of ceremony. I channel customized experiences that clear & strengthen the pathways between our many selves and the collective intelligence of the multiverse. Guided by ritual, my work is a distinct, palpable space where all of your stories, celestial records, and mythologies can converge peacefully – much like a great council meeting or the reunion of soulmates. With ritual practice, we hold space for a creative collaboration involving not just us, but all the unseen ones who support us. I utilize the ancient science of ceremony to synchronize our collective healing as women with the inevitable emergence of the New Matriarchy. Whether I am working with an individual woman or within the magic of circle, we are having a conversation with the divine. I consider each session & every circle a ceremony unto itself. Likewise, I consider every courageous movement a woman makes toward her own healing, a vital part of the restoration of a culture that exalts the Sacred Feminine.

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