Mr. Ben Farrell

Ben Farrell

I am a professional writer, blogger and photographer from Australia. I love writing about psychology, culture and human behaviour and use writing as a tool to better understand the beauty and chaos of our world. I have diverse life experience and a yearning to better understand the world which is expressed in my writing and photography.

I am the author of Road Less Travelled - - a travel, lifestyle and culture blog showcasing articles, blogs and photography from around the globe. I have extensive corporate experience and have worked for some of the largest organisations in the world and lead self-improvement talks, seminars and workshops in many countries such as India, Philippines, China, Italy, USA, Singapore and more.

I love to travel and I believe that travelling is one of the most important spiritual activities we can participate it as it opens our mind and forces us to realise that our way of living is only one amongst many different paths. I love exploring cultures, getting lost and always take the Road Less Travelled.

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