Ms. Beverly Akhurst ERYT 500, YACEP

Beverly Akhurst

I came to teaching Yoga later on my journey in this life. Deciding in my 40's that this practice had provided me so much; strengthening of 2 injured wrists, return to ROM of an injured shoulder, balancing the effects of asthma with breath and alignment, bypassing the need for a heart ablation by settling into a more meditative breath "inspired" practice, a sense of calm, a way to move through life in a less reactionary manner a strong more centered being and body; I felt I could do nothing better than learn to share all of this forward.
20 years of practice and 7 years of teaching later, I have a boutique style Yoga Studio which allows me the time to work with my students intimately, focusing on the small things that will create large changes within their lives. It may be physical release allowing for pain reduction or a more aware use of the individual and unique body each has. Strength that does not bind, an understanding and awareness of proprioception (which for aging bodies can mean less chance of falls). In everything there is also the deep and empowering understanding of and ability to breathe in a way that affects the entire being. Reducing stress and balancing hormone production, encouraging the movement of CSF and working the muscles of heart, lungs and diaphragm. It is an entire way of being and I find nothing more fulfilling than seeing each student as the individual they are and helping them to their best self.
I have been told I am the perfect balance of logic, and practicality combined with the spiritual side of yoga in a manner that is neither fluffy not dogmatic. I embrace all 8 limbs of Yoga but understand each person is at their own place on this trail.
I have an empathic ability to look at how a person moves within their body and see what they must feel and am then able to put that into words.
I take all of this and now share it with others wishing to teach. Again preferring small over mass numbers I take no more than 10 students in at a time to start them on a path that acknowledges their individuality and implores them to embrace the same in their students.
This is a journey of heart and I look forward to every new piece of knowledge learned and every opportunity to share it forward.

Ocean Breath Yoga Studio and School
1521 Foreshore Walk, Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia