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Bick Wanck MD

I'm a Board Certified Psychiatrist, business owner, blogger, speaker and book writer. I have a website for my group practice, http://www.bickwanckmdandassociates.com, and an author website, http://www.bickwanckmd.com. I have numerous publications and am currently shopping a book about a three-layered healing plan for anxiety and depression. My blogs include subjects like "How to Help Others without Depleting Yourself", "How a P.I.S.S.-off Day Relieves Stress and Why You Should Take One Soon", "Shortcut to Sobriety", and blogs about how to use psychiatric medication to assist healing. I'll soon add a piece called "Nonverbal Herbal Communication". You can visit my You Tube channel and, in the chapter "Why Healing is My Calling" you'll find a photograph of the shaman in the Peruvian Amazon who helped me make the connection between Western Medicine and Healing. Healing is truly my calling and writing is, after 30 years of successful practice, my way of now bringing my message to more than one person at a time. After my current project about healing anxiety and depression I have two very exciting book projects planned: I will expand my message about healing to all of Medicine and I plan to show people how to successfully manage their urges. As one of the founders of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and as a former rehab doc for celebrities, including porn stars, I know a few things about urges and I know how to help people enjoy theirs without spiraling into active addiction. As you may sense, I'm bubbling with urges of my own to write and bring what I believe are some very important messages to the world.

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