Dr. Bill Dubin PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Bill Dubin

Licensed: Yes

License: Texas #2-2426

Expiration: 5/31/2016

Credentials: Certification

Institution: american psychological assoication

Certification: proficiency in treatment of alcohol and other substance use disorders

Certification Year: 2009

Institution: Univ of Iowa

Graduated: 1972

In practice since: 1973

• Bill received his doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa, and has published scientific papers on leaning and motivation.
Licenses & Certificates
• Licensed Psychologist
• Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders awarded by the American Psychological Association
Brief History
• After returning to New York City from Iowa, Bill became director of the Adult Clinic and Diagnostic Center in New York City. The distinguished faculty of this clinical group included Oliver Sachs, neurologist and Max Bruck, psychiatrist. Bill then became Chief of Service of the Intensive Care Unit of Adolph Meyer Psychiatric Center.
• Bill moved to Austin to become Director of Clinical Services of the Brown Schools, Ranch Treatment Center. This 120-bed psychiatric hospital specialized in providing state-of-the-art treatment to individuals with severe behavior problems.
• Bill met and married Tina, also a licensed psychologist, in Austin. Together they formed Psychological Assessment Research and Treatment Services [Psychological ARTS PC], which provides a wide range of clinical and consulting services. Bill and Tina have two children: David is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, who directs PARTS assessment and research activities; Emily is a city planner in Hillsboro, OR.

Psychological ARTS
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