Dr. Biser Rangelov PhD

Biser Rangelov

Dr. Rangelov is the Co-Founder and Operating Manager of Biss-Ann Counseling Services, PLLC and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Approved Supervisor. Dr. Rangelov has over fifteen (15) years of experience in individual, couples and group counseling. He also has extensive cross-cultural experience and has counseled clients in Europe, Asia and throughout North America. In addition, Dr. Rangelov has led various seminars and workshops for married couples and families. In his spare time, he has also taught undergraduate classes in psychology.

Credentials: Dr. Biser Rangelov earned a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling from Torch Trinity Graduate University (Seoul, South Korea), a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and he minored in Clinical Psychology from Capella University.

Books Biser has Published


After losing his license to practice, disgraced psychologist Dr. Victor Callahan aka “Dr. V.” lapses into the murk of clinical depression. That might have been the end of him had his supportive wife Ann not encouraged him to do something, anything, to get out of the house. The good Doctor indulges his wife by embarking on a fishing trip at a nearby lake where he meets Nikita Vankin an autistic savant who is addicted to personality-altering popsicles laced with psychoactive chemicals. Nikita persuades